Covid-19 has affected all of us in some way. V Group Signs has partnered with Elevate Signage and Graphics to do our part to help. Over the last few weeks we have donated over 1,000 banners to restaurants that say Open For Take Out.

The response has been amazing. We have been humbled to hear and see how grateful these people are for the help. We have reached a point where the demand is greater than what we can do alone.

That's where you can come in and lend a hand during this time. We will continue to print the banners, at near cost. They can be for restaurants, or any other businesses that could use a banner to let us all know that they are still open. Below is a PayPal link where you can donate to sponsor the banners. We will distribute them to the local businesses in need, or you can distribute if you have specific places in mid.

We can add your company logo, your name or family name to the bottom of the banners so that these establishments can know who helped them in this time of need, as well as anyone else who sees the banners on display.

Now, more than ever, is the time to come together. 

Here are some options for your donation consideration

Qty: 1 Banner       $18   

Qty: 5 Banners     $90

Qty: 10 Banners   $180

Qty: 20 Banners.  $360

Qty:  25 Banners  $450

Or you can donate a custom amount and we will apply it towards the banners.

Sponsor banners to keep your brand relevant while helping the community